Lola's Story


Kim Shkapich is the restless and inquisitive chef and owner of Lola’s Local Food Lab.

She combines the artistry of traditional food preservation practices with her interest in the chemistry of food and cooking techniques to create innovative shelf-stable and fresh food products, for the community, with food and ingredients from the community. Lola is proud to use and promote whole foods and ingredients that reflect our shared values of sourcing locally and responsibly, supporting the passion and efforts of small producers and growers who work with ethical and social consciousness.

Lola cooks with the season so offerings evolve. Activity in the Food Lab also changes with the seasons. Summer is a busy time for production to use ingredients at their peak of perfection. The shoulder seasons allow us to cook with what we’ve processed, stored or collected to share with the community through “Lola’s Casserole Club” a subscription food service.

Lola also curates exceptional products from other producers that are featured in her retail market—things she loves and tastes she misses.

Join us in the art of eating wisely, and well.


Lola’s Local Food Lab is a wonderful alliteration that rolls off the tongue with her location “under the Lighthouse Restaurant,” while the name is fictitious she uses her mother’s portrait on her products to honor the woman who taught her to cook with her senses.

Shkapich currently serves on the Board of the Directors of the Wellfleet Farmer’s Market, is a member of the Community Development Partnership culinary advisory committee, and the Cape Cod Culinary Incubator. She collaborates with Vanessa Downing, Managing Director of Wellfleet Preservation Hall, to create the winter “Food on Film” series that serves up a small plate with some film for thought.

She has organized or participated in food and fundraising events for Wellfleet Preservation Hall, WHAT Theatre, Payomet, Truro Center for the Arts at Castle Hill,  and organized “Night at Chef’s Table” when she served as Event Director for the Aid’s Support Group of Cape Cod.

In her former incarnation, Shkapich was the Director of the Architecture Archive at the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art from 1982–2001, and the Director of Lectures and Exhibitions at the Harvard Graduate School of Design from 2001–2003.

For over twenty years and until his death in 2000, she collaborated with the Architect John Hejduk in his private architectural practice, establishing his archive and designing exhibitions and books like “architecture one could hold in one’s hands.”  Her design work received numerous honors and is in the collection of The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. She moved to Wellfleet in 2004 and has made her passion for food and community a progression to a new life in a very special place.