We are all nurtured by:

BLT Farm

Cape Cod Chai

Cape Cod Organic Farm

Chequessett Chocolate

Community Development Partnership

Dave's Greens

Fleet Town Organics

H&H Farm & The Wellfleet Chick Coop

Checkerberry Farm

Halcyon Farm

Hay Shaker Farms

Hillside Farm & Poultry - Chicken Livers

Pure Joy Farm

Rose Farm Rhubarb

Seawind Meadows

Surrey Farms

Wellfleet Sea Salt Co.

James Connors, Rebecca Dalmas, Beth DeSilva, Heather Draz, Paula Erickson, Mary Fox, Terry Gips, Joe Mcgrahan, Jill Meyers, John and Jan Morrissey, Ricky Nenner, Tracy Plaut, Geraldine Ramer, Brita Tate, Susan Weeger, Joan Zukas.


Chickering Farm, Westmoreland NH

Cold Spring Orchard, UMass Amherst

Cranberry Hill Farm, Plymouth MA

Mount Mansfield Maple Products, Winooski VT

Noquochoke Orchards, Westport MA

Paskamasett Farm, Dartmouth MA

Jasper Wyman Wild Maine Blueberries, Milbridge ME


Meet the Maker

Lola invites other food entrepreneurs, chefs, producers and growers to showcase and share your products, knowledge and skills at her “Meet the Maker” soirees at the Food Lab. An evening of ‘Food for Thought and Consideration’ held on Mondays from 4:30-7:30 pm, is a tasty way to connect with an interested audience, exchange information, offer samples and sell some of your product. It’s a recipe from Lola’s cookbook to support others who are contributing to the enrichment of our local food community. We include you in our publicity and host use of the kitchen on the day of the event. You provide all ingredients, and can keep all sales.

Contact us! What’s cooking in your kitchen? Share your culinary obsession or fascination. Lola loves a good idea and the chance to eat something
truly special.

Community Canning

Late August and early September is a busy time, the peaches ripen all at once, the concords are abundant and the zucchini is out of control. Lola will host a series of community kitchen days, bring the overflow from your garden or volunteer some time in the kitchen. Together we can can, cook or freeze healthy food from the community to donate to our local food pantries.

A story in every bottle, food from the community.

Lola is proud to use and promote whole foods and ingredients that reflect our shared values of sourcing locally and responsibly, supporting the passion and efforts of small producers and growers who work with ethical and social consciousness.