Curated Specialties
Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets

Foods I miss and love and want to share with you. Other intriguing products we can discover together. Foods crafted with ethical and social consciousness, mindful of the environment.  Some are local or regionally made, others are hard to find on the Cape.  Lola longs to make some of these items, but others are doing it so well, we should savor and support their efforts too. This season we are carrying


Offerings revolve so follow us on Facebook OR sign up for our newsletter to see what’s in the Food Lab this week. Our refrigerator is a modest size so quantity is limited.

We are tweaking our website, soon you can pre-order and purchase what you’d like for pick-up later in the week, it allows us to fulfill your demand without investing in products that might not be consumed which is the best way to utilize our kitchen and storage resources.