Lola loves the olive.

I had the pleasure and privilege to “come for the olives” grown in the hills above Sperlonga, Italy. Every two years friends and family would gather to harvest and press oil, F&M loved their trees and tended the olives with care. We would climb tripod ladders and comb the fruit into baskets to avoid bruising. At night we would clean them, removing any leaves or stems. Marion would examine each one to determine if it was better for pressing or brining. There was music. Fresh pasta and cheeses, tomatoes and herbs and pine nuts roasted from cones we collected. Culminating in the ritual of pressing the olives — a magical transformation that produced an oil that was delicate and tasted of the good earth.

While I can’t bring you oil from Monté Fumo, Lola is proud to carry three exceptional oils from Greece, Italy and Spain, each has a unique and distinctive profile that reflects it’s terroir and all are produced on family estates.

While these are not made locally, they have been sourced through local connections.


Kiklos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2014

One Country, one Grove,
one Varietal

Kiklos is rich in flavor, with a distinct peppery finish - the "kick" - is a signal of a great extra virgin olive oil offering remarkable antioxidant qualities both delicious and nutritious. You will realize why Greeks like consuming more olive oil per person than any other country in the world.

Kiklos’ Koroneiki olives come from one grove, the Peloponnese in Greece; a truly limited production olive oil. Kiklos olives are picked at harvest time for this superior caliber of olive and are cold-pressed immediately; never touching water, sustaining vitamins, polyphenols, and other antioxidants, and delivering its awe inspiring taste.

Known as "The Queen of Olives," the Koroneiki varietal is named for its distinctive bold flavor offering gratifying levels of fruitiness, pungency and pepper.


Bonamini  DOP Vento Valpolicella 2014


Sabrina Bonamini and her brother Giancarlo own 6,500 trees in the hills northeast of Verona in the Valpolicella DOP. Olive cultivation in this area predates the Romans and is a jewel of Italian oil production.

Over the millennia, the cooler, northern mountain climates, forced the olive trees to adapt, producing smaller olives with milder pheno¬lics. Veneto olive oil is not as famous as Tuscany and Puglia, only because the quantity produced is so small that it rarely makes it out of Italy.

This delicate oil is a with 50% blend of Favarol and Grignan olives, it has a beautiful straw color with light green edges, gorgeous aromas of banana, lettuce, apple, and grass. Very fresh. Complex flavors of banana fruit, celery and grass follow on the palate, incredibly round and creamy.

Bonamini is wonderful as an “all around use olive oil” in the kitchen, and great finishing oil for vegetables, seafood risotto, grilled or poached fish. Make aioli! Drizzle on fresh oysters.



La Cultivada
Hojiblanca 2014

Farmed organically
& harvested by hand

La Cultivada is the passion of Pedro Vecino Riera. In 1990 he set a new course for the estate, dedicated to producing high quality, expressive olive oils. Located near Cordoba, the farm is blessed with the near perfect combination of Mediterranean summers and mountain influenced winters, creating a special environment for Hojiblanca to thrive. While olives have been cultivated and oil produced here since Roman times it has been only in the last 25 years that a dedicated handful of producers have started an astonishing revolution in quality.

The oil is produced from early harvested olives that are pressed in less than two hours to lock in freshness at its peak. The cool, soft extraction yields oil with bright clear flavors of apple, grass, tomato leaf, and celery. Bitterness and spiciness are low.